Vintage brocade

This vintage brocade was as I believe, the last piece left anywhere in the world, it was un replaceable and un repeatable. I have a collection of rare and irreplaceable fabrics that I save for the perfect project when it comes along. This piece went in to one of the most beautiful corsets I've ever made, you can see the results at:

chocolate and gold brocade

I have a very small amount of this gorgeous gold and chocolate brown floral brocade.


This is a fabulous heavy weight victorian style brocade in burgundy and cream with rose and tarnished gold accents.

embroidery designs on dupion

Dupion is a fantastic fabric for embroidery, I have a machine for custom embroidery designs, I think I've just inspired myself!

Chocolate dupion

Dupion is a fantastic fabric with depth, texture and subtle shine. Available in a huge range of colours, it is versatile and highly adaptable, another popular bridal fabric. Its properties also lend itself well to embroidery, I will show some examples in the next post.

Pinstripes and polka dots

Pinstripes are one of the most versatile patterns around, they are powerful at work, dramatic in the evening and adaptable to any occasion being classic, elegant and stylish.

This polka dot is a 50's classic navy blue and white cotton which looks sensational worn with bright, scarlet red! I also have a fabulous black and white corduroy polka dot.

Black velvet patterns

These are fabulous soft, black velvet patterns on a heavy cream cotton background, perfectly luscious fabrics for corsets!!

satin selection

This is a small selection of satin fabrics, not all of them by any means but a few to be starting with. I have a vast range of satin fabrics cataloguing them all will take a while.

Burgundy taffeta and raw silk

The burgundy version of the raw silk is one of the most luscious fabrics on earth today. Elegant, simple and gorgeously dramatic.

The burgundy taffeta will always be one of my favourite fabrics.

Navy Taffeta

Taffeta is a stunning, another bridal favourite with a fabulous texture that holds a beautiful form and drapes sensationally!

Blue tulip embroidered fabric

This is one of a collection of limited edition fabrics that I have set aside for Elizabethan and Victorian winter garments as well as heavy weight tightlacing corsets. The rich colours of the embroidery are just stunning, it is such a beautiful fabric that I am very tempted by a new winter coat for myself!

Blue raw silk

Raw silk is an irresistibly gorgeous fabric, one of the most popular bridal fabrics because of its texture and iridescent colour qualities giving it a stunning depth of colour. These silks are usually shot with a different colour adding even more to the depth of colour, this particular example is an astonishingly bright and vibrant royal blue that is shot with black maximising the highlights and lowlights in a way that adds amazing but subtle drama that is almost impossible to capture its true beauty on camera.

This is the fabric that I used for a victorian inspired wedding dress which you can see here:

Ivory silk paj

Silk paj is an extremely beautiful light weight fabric that floats enchantingly and dances with the slightest breeze. Creating an effortlessly stunning dress which lends itself to an elegant Grecian style. It's beauty can be enhanced with the addition of a delicate lace overlay.

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