New fabrics for this coming season

These are some of the new fabrics and colours that have got me really excited about the new season.

The lace is a classic design that has been around for a while in black, white and pink but whilst recently working on a 'mother of the groom' outfit I discovered a range of new colours, what is special about the chocolate lace is a slight coppery/rusty hint that is picked out in the high lights of the pattern which just happened to go perfectly with a shade of raw silk that creates a really warm and luxurious feel.

Bringing the concept towards a more bridal ideal, I wanted to lighten the over all feel with creamy shades. As soon as I laid the fabrics together, I received an email about a similar colour combination.

This sent my mind off in to an earthy, victorian spiral. This lace is just utterly gorgeous and would work beautifully with the chocolate as well. I can't wait to have some samples made up!

In contrast to these natural, earthy tones, my heart jumped when I saw this rich kingfisher blue, it is just so captivating.
Now all I have to do is decide which to make up first...


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